The Bespoke Experience

True Bespoke Experience is the ultimate way to envision and materialize a Sharpe Suiting suit that is truly yours. Which help you to curate and design an exceptional garment by selecting fabric swatches and trimmings, customizing a silhouette and taking meticulous measurements to bring your one-of-a-kind, signature Sharpe Suiting suit to life. Book your local Bespoke Consultation today

Why Bespoke?

Bespoke vs. off-the-rack


More efficient

Having custom clothes made is more focused and less unwieldy than shopping for mass-produced garments. When you shop off-the-rack, it can be challenging and tedious to find something that really fits your personality and needs. If you are not someone who enjoys shopping, this process can be painful.

When you have clothing made for you by a tailor, you will have something that is specially crafted for you instead (the clothes fitting you as opposed to you fitting the clothes). With a tailor and the bespoke or custom route, you have a timeline of when your suit will be complete, and then you just go pick it up.


Longer lasting

Many off-the-shelf garments will degrade quickly since they are part of a temporary, planned obsolescence market. The intelligent way to shop is to think long-term and not be scared away by the upfront cost. When you do view clothing from more of an investment perspective, a bespoke suit is clearly the best option since it is made out of better materials and with stronger design. While any suit breaks down over time, the speed will be slower with custom ones.


Better fit

Since pieces of clothing are objects, it is easy to simply think in terms of the garment itself rather than considering the ultimate priority of its relationship to your body: fit. A custom or bespoke garment is designed specifically to fit your body so the entire look is as flattering as possible. Fit is very important to those who want to show off the strength and health of their body. However, it is essential to any person, regardless of body type, to have clothes that are handcrafted to best suit their specific measurements


Your own pattern

For a made-to-measure suit, standard, previously created patterns are used. For instance, the starting pattern might be for a standard size 42 jacket, and then adjustments are made. With a bespoke garment, on the other hand, patterns are created for every single suit. Since no preestablished patterns are used, the tailor must base measurements directly off your body and its nuances. A custom suit goes beyond simply taking and applying measurements since the complex shape of your body is ultimately the determining factor.


Additional fitting

There are no fittings during the creation of a made-to-measure suit. With bespoke, there is an additional fitting: the basted fitting. The basted fitting does more than simply confirm that the measurements taken are completely aligned with the wearer's body. A strong tailor will use each fitting to make improvements and tweaks.


Fabric selection

With made-to-measure, you will typically be able to get various offerings from one or two mills. With a bespoke tailor, you will get more of a library of fabric options, with many different mills represented.


Potential for customization

Made-to-measure suits will have a list of how you can and cannot adjust the suit. These parameters might include the number of jacket buttons, style of the pockets, cuffs, pant pleats, and vent options. With a bespoke suit, you are not constrained by a set of standard options. Your specifications can be extensive.

Our Philosophy

These are the two foundations of our philosophy. We are devoted to classical gentlemen’s elegance yet welcome color and unconventionality.

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